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Be sure to give your best contact phone number where requested. There will be another block for a phone number for customers to call for event info.

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Marketing Requests (FSS Facilities Only)
For full marketing potential submit no later than the 1st of the month, two months prior to event date, i.e. Mar 6 event due no later than Jan 1, three months is preferred for large scale events. Limited service when submitting beyond these dates. If your event/class has recurring dates note them in the details section; be specific as we will use this information to load the FSS Calendar.

Marquee Request
Requests must be received four (4) days prior to the requested run date, but not more than thirty (30) days prior, to aid in the prioritization process. Requests received on non-business days or after normal duty hours will be processed on the following duty day. Items on marquees will be displayed for a reasonable amount of time, if not in conflict with other requests. An attempt to show all desired messages will be made, but conflicts can arise and some messages may not be posted. Office hours are generally 8-4 Mon-Fri, please call 884-4252 if you have questions. If you choose to build your own slide please make it a PDF 10.667in x 5.979in (1024 x 574 pixels) and attach to your ticket. We may have to modify messages for proper display..

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Sponsorship Requests
Sponsorship requests are due FOUR months prior to event date.

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Infograpic Metrics
Submit no later than 5 business days following event. Include any photos you may have. Be thorough, if you run out of space or do not see where to list something just include it in the "Event Details / Info to Change" section.

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Print Shop Requests

Note you are submitting a request for quote. Work will begin after you have approved our price quote and submitted all materials. Print Request can take from 2-4 weeks. Please see the price list.

FSS Marketing Requests

Note the items listed for print materials are for your facility distribution/use. Based on the size/scope/timeline of your event, Marketing Staff will determine a marketing plan and distribute materials and information as determined suitable. This includes cross-marketing, magazine, marquee, basewide email, social media, website, etc., so there is no need to submit separate requests for these items. If you have a special request that we may not anticipate or an unusual circumstance make note of it in the “Details” section and we will do our best to accommodate.

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